About me


Welcome to my parenting and lifestyle blog: Muddling Through Motherhood. I started writing it in 2016 about six months after giving birth to my daughter. Having a child is a massive shock to the system and I had loads of opinions and things to talk about concerning parenting and so decided to write them down. The blog has since evolved from random rants about how hard parenting is to include opinion pieces from my mum (called Grumblings of a Granny) and a series of interviews with working mums called Women at Work. I hope to grow it further this year by including some proper investigative journalism on important issues that affect parents.

My beautiful little girl is called Imogen, but in my blog she will be referred to as “the J”. My husband has a thing for nicknames and Imogen’s have progressed in this order: Imogen Jane (her middle name), Immy J, the J, JJ, JJ Okocha (a footballer apparently), Kotchy Kotchy koo koo and, finally, Kookie or Kooks). Helpful husband and nickname giver will be referred to sporadically as “Grump”. When the J is asleep I like reading novels, catching up on Amazon Prime/Sky TV and drinking tea or wine (depending on the day I’ve had). The rest of the time she’s awake…

To pay the bills, I am a part-time freelance writer, editor and proofreader. This works perfectly for me, as I have flexible childcare and can fit my work in around my family. It also means that I work for a number of different clients on a range of projects, keeping things fresh and meaning I hardly ever get bored! This past year, I have written five books on birds and nature under the series Illustrated Wildlife of Britain, provided holiday cover for staff on Psychologies magazine and regularly edited trade and marketing reports for insights and behavioural analysis company Canvas8. To find out more about my work, visit my professional website.