I’ve never really followed blogs before, but since becoming a Mum I’ve started to read a few on a regular basis – mostly through Facebook. Perhaps I am searching for advice, perhaps I want some acceptance that what I’m doing isn’t that bad, or perhaps I just spend more time on my phone/iPad desperately trying to connect with normality. (Seeing my friends on holiday, out at bars drinking and generally having a fun child-free time is a love/hate obsession for me at the moment).

Whatever my motivation, I’ve noticed that parenting blogs seem to fall into two camps: happy camper ‘My life is fabulous’ style blogs and sarcastic ‘Give me some wine, I’m a terrible Mum’ moany blogs. While I find the latter refreshing, there seems to be a trend for a whole load of self-deprecation when it comes to being a Mother (or Father). Kind of laughing at ourselves for being so crap, but its OK because we love our kids. I think this appeals to lots of parents, as let’s face it, it’s bloody hard work and sometimes we need a bit of reassurance that there are other people out there who don’t have a clue what they are doing, but are doing their best. However, I do find post after post of slightly moany blogs a bit banal and maybe offensive to those people who have wanted a baby/child for so long and cherish every ‘crappy’ moment.

Rather than becoming one of those moany people myself, I thought why not write a blog that delivers the perfect dose of self-deprecating humour but with a positive spin. Not ‘I’m the perfect parent’ and not ‘I’m so shit at parenting’ but ‘Hey, it’s hard and I’m muddling through, but it’s also amazing and life changing’.

All this will probably come back to bite me in the behind, but this blog is a way for me to make sense of the crazy journey that is motherhood and, hopefully, to help others along the way. Enjoy!

P.S. The above photograph is our pregnancy announcement pic (on Facebook with some jokey comment about a bun in the oven). Slightly cheesy, but I embraced the cheese on this occasion. What’s slightly embarrassing is that I am wearing black pants. No they are not bikini bottoms, they are massive black granny pants. We were in Holland for the weekend and there was an unexpected heatwave and I only packed black skinny jeans. Sometimes it’s just too hot and you have to go in the sea in your pants. Why we decided this was the moment to capture our pregnancy photograph I have no idea!

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  1. Hoorah! Loving your first blog, and looking forward to reading more…ps your pregnancy pic is georgous.👶Xx

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