The long weekend from hell

Apologies that things have been a bit quiet on the blogging front for me lately. This is mainly because a plague has fallen on our house. OK, not a real plague, but it certainly feels like it. All three of us have had sickness and diarrhoea – so maybe don’t read this while eating. I promise not to be too graphic!

Friday night

It all started when I was planning to go out for dinner for my Mum’s birthday (don’t worry Mum, I won’t reveal your true age). Grump was away for the whole weekend (when is my weekend away dear?) and so my MIL was coming over to babysit. I swear children sense when you want to go out and so play up at bed time. Most nights the J has her milk and drifts off into a deep sleep with minimal fuss. But every time we want to go out, she screams blue murder.

Friday night was one of those nights. She wouldn’t settle and, in the end, I had to leave her awake and crying with my MIL, feeling terribly guilty. I asked my MIL to text me once the J was asleep, so I wouldn’t spend the whole evening worrying that she was having an awful time with a crying baby. It took her two attempts at getting the J off to sleep, with quite a bit of TV watching in between. Poor MIL, poor J. Lots of mum guilt coming my way.

In the end, I had a lovely evening with my family. This was partly due to the two glasses of wine consumed (actually three if you count prosecco, but it’s basically air). I came home at about 10pm to a happy MIL and a sleeping baby. I went off to bed and was fast asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

At midnight I woke to a screaming baby. Usually I wake up as soon as the J starts lightly crying, but obviously the wine had something to do with my deeper slumber (cue more mum guilt for irresponsible parenting). I went into the J’s room and picked her up in the dark. She felt a bit wet and I thought she may have sicked up a little milk, but I gave her a big cuddle anyway. What’s a bit of milk sick between friends? She snuggled into me and went back to sleep fairly quickly. It was then that I realised her head was wet and she smelled a bit gross. As she was fast asleep, I laid her down on my bed in a fortress of pillows and went to check out her cot.

When I turned on the lights it was carnage. There were piles of orange sick all over her cot (she’d had butternut squash for dinner). To make things worse I had put the cover of her Sleepyhead in the wash and so had the innard bit loose in her cot. That was also covered in sick. I spent the next 10 minutes stripping the cot and feeling even more guilty that I had gone out when she was feeling unwell and had presumed she was just being fussy. I then realised there was sick all over my pyjama top and went to inspect the J. She had lumps of sick in her hair and had obviously been writhing around in it. It was horrible. In the end I had to wake her up to strip and clean her. She was not impressed. She then started to make gagging sounds and, luckily, I managed to catch her sick in my hand. Then I had to hold her in the other non-sicky arm over the bin so she could be sick again. There was so much sick!

After all the sick was cleaned up and the J was calm, I tried to get her back off to sleep. Of course, she wasn’t having any of it. After numerous attempts to get her off – this involved rocking her and then putting her in her cot once she was asleep, which meant she woke up as soon as she was put down – I’d had enough. I thought about bringing her into my bed, but I was worried she would wake in the night and crawl/roll off the bed.

Thankfully, we have a day bed in the spare room that has two single mattresses on it. I decided to make a bed on the floor and the two of us could sleep on it together. Unfortunately the J’s room is not that big, so first I had to move the feeding chair and Jumperoo out of her room (this meant dismantling the Jumperoo – I hate it now) and then dragging the mattresses across the landing. Our makeshift bed stayed put for the whole weekend. Her room looked a bit like a crack den, but it actually worked really well. We snuggled up together for a bit and then she drifted off and slept on her own mattress. She was in her sleeping bag and I had a single duvet. The only downside was that the J rolled around all over the place and kept waking me up. But I was worried about her puking again, so I think I would have had a disturbed night anyway.

Thankfully after that there was no more sick (from her anyway) and only a few leaky nappies over the next few days. Although I did have to throw away a vest and baby grow that just had too much poo in them to even bother trying to wash.


The next morning, I phoned Grump to tell him what had happened and then he felt terribly guilty for not being there. Later on in the day, he told me he had the beginnings of a migraine and then I felt guilty for making him feel guilty for being away and causing him stress, which can lead to migranes. Why is there so much guilt as a parent? It wasn’t his fault, but I was cross that I had to deal with it on my own.


Well he and I certainly got our punishment. In the early hours of the Monday morning I woke up with painful stomach cramps and feeling really sick. Worse than morning sickness (yes THAT bad). For the next 24 hours I spent most of my time groaning in bed or being sick/pooing and laying on the bathroom floor crying. It was shit – literally.

Oh and my brother and his girlfriend bought dinner over for me on Saturday night, as I had been cooped up at home all day with the J. It was such a lovely thing to do – and how did I repay them? By giving them the sickness bug. They both got it on Monday morning and had to take time off work. More guilt for me.

Grump had to take the day off work on Monday to look after the J, as I was incapable of doing anything, let alone looking after a baby. I finally got to spend a whole day in bed – it’s just a shame I felt so awful and couldn’t appreciate it. So Grump was amazing, although he didn’t really nurse me or ‘there there’ me much like my Mum used to do, but he did look after the J all day so I could rest.


Grump went back to work as I was feeling much better and could look after the J. We had another quiet day at home. At lunchtime Grump came home looking white as a sheet and says that he had got the bug. He went through the exact same thing as me. I honestly wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. So now I have to nurse him and look after the J – it is like I have two children.


Myself and the J are better today, but Grump is still ill. He always has to go one up on me and be ill for longer. For once, this is not a competition I want to win.

So that’s my long weekend in a nutshell. Sick, poo, sleep, repeat.

Let’s hope next weekend is a bit better!

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