When we decided to start trying for a baby, it was very much a case of let’s stop using condoms and see what happens. I have quite a few friends who have been trying for 1-2 years to make a baby and so figured we would start early (when I say early I mean before we were 100% sure that we were grown-up enough to be parents), because it might take us a long time. We had also booked a summer holiday for the end of July (we always go away at this time of year as Grump is a teacher and it’s our wedding anniversary). It didn’t even cross my mind that I would be pregnant then.

Now, I’m not moaning about being fertile, as I know that many women struggle to conceive and it is a heartbreaking process. It only took us two months to get pregnant, which amazing but was also a bit of a shock. We were over the moon and thought the holiday would be fine as I’d only be a few months pregnant. What naive idiots we were.

I was just over three months pregnant when we went to Cyprus and it was one of the hottest summers they’d had in recent years. So hot, in fact, people were reporting their steering wheels were melting if they left their cars parked out in the sun. It was HOT and sticky and I had horrendous morning sickness. Thankfully I wasn’t actually sick, but I felt nauseous the whole time. It was as if I was extremely hungover all day (the worst feeling in the world, especially when you haven’t even benefited from drinking copious amounts of wine/Malibu/jager bombs the night before). Food tasted horrible, I was tired, irritable and generally felt rough. I didn’t want to go out for dinner or walk anywhere or do anything. Poor Grump. I was a she-Grump.

We still managed to have a nice(ish) time and did lots of relaxing by the pool while reading or going for drives in the air-conditioned hire car (see photo of me in said car with my moody face on at the bottom of this post). I spent a lot of time watching Grump eat and dry retching (photo of Grump below trying to decide what to eat that wouldn’t make me nauseous).


Looking back over my pregnancy, the best time for a holiday was that magical second trimester when you stop feeling sick, but aren’t so fat that you can’t move/sleep/function. Next time, even if we are thinking about trying to get pregnant I won’t be booking a holiday until I see those little pink lines on the pregnancy test.

The only plus side was that it was the cheapest holiday we’ve ever been on. Turns out if I’m not eating or drinking alcohol, our bank balance (and probably my liver) is much healthier.


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